Custom  Example

Hohohohoh~  done for my brother

k I’ll stop posting these guys i swear x:



ssI’m pretty happy how he’s coming out. Previewing Coral antlers; Painted Eyes; Average mane; Thick tail, and patterns are side stripes, belly, points, and kirin


I’ll probably fiddle with the shading a bit more,tho that’ll be later

for now, time to shade the ladies~

shaading, shaading~  lalalala shaading~  

many fluffy tails, much cute.  Thinking I might do the dA group first, mhmmm. gotta sit down and write down what that all entails doing art-wise, but I really don’t wanna think about it and I just wanna finish this base aha


male previiew o:

both bases are coloured, just gotta add shading, markings, and finalize their face design. I dunno if they should have masks or if their faces should have weird symbolic markings, idk, leaning towards the latter



I drew captainhanni’s characters, Belial and Reno, because I’m a teratophilia-loving whore. But yeah, what if when Belial gets defensive or angry the hair on his body rises and his eyes start glowing? I think it’d be pretty cute. :U <3

Sorry for the scare, Mr. Homeless Man. Belial’s just looking out for his #1 fan. ;u;

HHUUUUUU whHATTTTTTT WOWAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PEOPLE ARE SO GREAT AT HEADCANOSNS OMFG i approve and accept this into canon, also if he gets REALLL angry he’ll just set on fire completely, phwoom!!!!!!!!! so reno has five fire extinguishers in his flat for just such an occasion

thank you !! :o   you’re badass!!!


female adopt preview hwat o:

so many customizable choices to colour n shade,  bah  -finger cramp-

I realize I’ve gradually lost most/all of my friends whom I would geek out about making an adoptable species x:  I think ive gotten too irritating, ehue.

should I do a forum for RP?  or a group on dA? bOTH?? 
either or, especially if both, its gonna be a shitton of work and I need to know;

adoptable faceless-deer people anyone?? (immaking them anyways) ??

(Source: kurikan)

creating a customizable species, and having no idea where to put them or what to do with them gah

Should I make a whole World in a dA group so people can run around and draw them as characters, or make a Forum so people can RP them, or just sell them as adoptables, or maybe no-one wants them and I’ll have this massive file of customizability and nothing to do with it.

blaaah  -continues working anyway-



Source is Common Grounds by Top Cow.


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"Badass Versions of Beloved Characters"

by Sylvain Sarrailh:


haven’t been able to draw anything worth a crap lately; way too restless, to the point where I can’t sit down longer than 10 minutes. bah.

obviously I just need to draw some more porno type things

cant brain today, doodled porny things, tempted t do pokemon ones next, hrmhrmhrm



oh no oh NO I really like captainhanni’s characters

OH, OH, OH MY GOD, AHWHWIHW im so flattered omg I don’t deserve this THANKYOU SO MUCH I am just in awe over the way you draw belials tail, swishy flicky goodness ;w; TAHNKYOU!!! so so good!!